JSM Info Soft was set in motion by a group of scholars from reputed universities. The aim of the software company is to do the best use of knowledge and experience in creating customized business to business solution. Using advanced and contemporary technology such as PHP, ASP, DOT NET etc. we are able to produce better perhaps the best web and mobile solution for many corporate and e-commerce websites.

From concept to prototype to product. We will work closely with you throughout the process to deliver the product you had dreamed of.

  • Responsive Corporate Websites
  • We create very secure and easily manageable corporate and ecommerce websites. We understand the craft of professional website designing very well. Our organization believe in making responsive websites because a website can be accessed through different device having different dimensions for displaying a website. So it's important that websites should be optimized for different type of devices mainly for mobile phones.

  • Creative Websites (HTML5)
  • HTML5 is latest of all the version. Needless to say it's a better way to display the content specially text, graphics and image of a website on World Wide Web. The hypertext markup language 5 has required innovation to display a web page to its best.

  • Native Mobile Applications
  • A program designed particularly for mobile phones. Native mobile application has an edge over web apps and cloud app because this app can take support of latest software and technology install in phone storage device.

  • Hybrid Mobile Applications
  • The term hybrid is self-explanatory. It's a combination of both native and web applications. The application is also developed particularly for smart phones. The best part of such type of mobile apps is its association with gadget's file system that's why it works even if you are offline.

  • Display Brand Experiences
  • It's a very creative idea that the brand should be promoted to masses by giving them delightful experience. We understand that in the highly competitive world everybody is satisfying demands of customers but that's not enough to engage the customers. Using hi tech tools we can produce a gamming app or other entertaining stuff that can serve as a lively brand experience for the customers.

  • Augmented Reality
  • We can modify the sound and can change the physical structure of an objects that exists in reality to make it a more impactful using computerized video, graphics or data. With the latest AR technology a small tampering makes the happenings more interacting.