We are into software development business since 2013. We are capable of creating different types of software. Our developers collaborates to work as a team. We find the root cause of any problem and apply the correct condition to resolve it. Our ultimate goal is to make a user friendly interface. So that the users can manage things easily.

Our project management and development processes are based on best methodologies (ITIL, Scrum, Kanban etc.) ensuring we deliver the best quality and results on time.

Our software development process includes following steps

Business Process Analysis

A good Understanding of client's perspective and businessperson's business always help us in the very initial pre-development process.

In this process a research work is made by our team to understand the problems occur during business operations and how can the problems be resolved by software system.

Software Architecture Design

In this step all the elements of a system are designed in a structural form showing how are they interconnect with each other technically. The graphical representation of Software architecture design also indicates that how the elements support each other as a system.

Development & Deployment

The development process involves programming through code window from the back end and also the designing part for front end users. At the end testing is involved to fix errors or bugs.

After testing and fixing error we deploy it for using. The deployment step involves various sub steps that includes releasing, installing to the system, updating etc.

Application Integration

The step involves introducing a function defining relationship between variables or sharing data from one program to another. Such type of sharing is often practiced by utilizing middleware. In this way the enterprise and the application user stay connected for the better functioning of software.

Maintenance & Support

After handling it to the customers we assure them for maintenance and support via regular modification depending upon the new requirements. That improves the functionality of a software.


  • VTMS(Vehicle Tracking And Management System )
  • Call Center Management System
  • Shopping Portal
  • Social Networking Site
  • Contact Management System
  • Restaurant Management System