We plan, implement and support complex hosting infrastructure solutions focusing on a high level of security, accessibility and resource optimization. We have different hosting plans. You can choose anyone that suits your budget and requirements. Through discussion we can assist you the best plan for you. There are the following hosting service plans that we offer.

  • Shared Hosting

  • We as a web hosting service provider offer the most economically affordable shared hosting plan. In this plan we provide a web server for several websites. Although it's a common platform for websites we make sure that the server is optimized very well so that the load on server remains moderate and the loading time of a website minimized.

  • Dedicated Servers

  • For many websites shared web hosting service doesn't work because they need more space on server and the traffic on them is very high. For such type of websites we have a virtual dedicated hosting solution along with good care and best supportive assurance.

  • Semi Dedicated Server

  • For many share web hosting plan doesn't work and the dedicated hosting plan is too expensive to afford. In that case semi dedicated server is the best choice. Before choosing this plan you must compare the plan to know the difference between dedicated servers, shared hosting and semi dedicated server hosting. That helps in taking the right decision.

  • Cloud Computing Solutions

  • This is the very flexible that is adjustable according to requirement and cost effective as well. This is used where the workload on server and the need of resource vary from time to time. The setup is easier and reliable.

  • VPS Server

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) is set up in the machine form. Like dedicated server no other websites are hosted on the server. It is considered to be a highly secure server. You can set up its whole configuration since you have the administrative control panel.