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Cloud Patching/ Haze Correction

Satellites orbit well above our atmosphere allowing the possibility of clouds to appear within the captured imagery. If suitable support imagery exists, JSM GeoSpatial can patch areas of satellite imagery that contain clouds with other imagery of the same area that do not contain clouds. This delivers a lower cloud cover option over the project area in regions where cloud cover is problematic, revealing more of the land surface than the original data.

Contrast and Color Balancing

There are many environmental factors or atmospheric conditions that can affect the quality of imagery captured via satellite. Haze, poor light, fog, glare, and pollution, are examples of conditions which can obscure the imagery between the sensor and the ground. JSM GeoSpatial routinely balances the color bands and tones of satellite imagery to correct for these interferences to create the best of every image band and delivery the clearest and most aesthetically-pleasing imagery.

Mosaicing and Tonal Balancing

JSM GeoSpatial frequently merges multiple sources of imagery together to provide complete or customized coverage of an area. The resulting product is a seamless, color-balanced, tonally-balanced, georeferenced or orthorectified image file ready for use in any mapping or imaging software.

Ortho Rectification

Satellite imagery and aerial photographs play an important role in general mapping, as well as GIS data acquisition and visualization. First, they help provide a solid visual effect. Many people are more able to put spatial concepts into perspective when they see photos. In addition, the secondary and perhaps more vital role is to provide a basis for gathering spatial information. Examples of this are features such as roads, vegetation, and water. Before this information can be gathered in a manner that is useful for a mapping or GIS system, the image data must be prepared in a way that removes distortion. This process is called orthorectification. Without this process, you wouldn't be able to make direct and accurate measurements of distances, angles, positions, and areas.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

JSM GeoSpatial provides orthorectified mono and stereo satellite imagery which can be processed for visualization of terrain conditions in 2 and 3 Dimensions (2D/3D) with the production of a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from various stereo satellite sensors including the WorldView-4 and WorldView-3 satellite sensors at 30cm resolution to support project planners, operation managers, and logistics managers to plan field operations in a computer environment, ensuring that the best terrain conditions and access is provided to achieve project objectives.


JSM GeoSpatial, a leader in geospatial products and services, is setting new industry standards in LiDAR data collection and processing for civil government and commercial organizations. Using JSM GeoSpatial' innovative IntelliEarth™ Geiger-mode LiDAR sensor and cutting-edge production capabilities, we put higher-quality elevation products into our customers’ hands faster and more affordably than ever before possible.

Cartographic Map Making

We can create maps showing the origin and destination of trips that start or end in your organizations operating boundary by using the latest CTPP and Census data. This data is beneficial in determining focus areas for creating new carpools, vanpools or concentrating your efforts in promoting transit.
We can create stunning maps using the latest GIS and cartographic techniques. We also offer large format maps that can be used as displays at your next event.

Automating GIS Tasks

Do you perform repetitive tasks in ArcMap or MapInfo? Let us save you time by automating those tasks. We can create simple buttons or more robust extensions for your GIS software to cut down your time spent on those tasks to a click.