Geospatial Services

GIS/IT Services for TMA's and TMO's

JSM Geospatial has worked with several organizations that promote alternative modes of transportation in creating websites for calculating savings in emissions, transforming raw GIS or transportation data into maps, vanpool management systems, interactive web maps and much more. We understand the importance of a map or a website that conveys the message to your audience and help achieve your goal of promoting alternative modes of transportation. We have the experience and the skill to make a positive impact on your next project and take the pain out of analyzing data or writing that code for collecting travel patterns.

Bulk Address GeoCoding

If you'd like to see the location of your customers on a map, we have systems in place that can covert your address list into a map. We can also provide you with raw GIS data containing the geographic coordinates of each address. We use the latest data for GeoCoding, so your addresses will always be perfectly geo referenced.

Web Development

We can create stunning, easy to use websites that can enhance your reporting and outreach by capturing alternative mode use and savings in emissions by the participants in your programs.
We can also convert your existing website to Content Management System, which you can use to keep your content updated without ever having to write html or code. We can optimize your site for search engines to improve your rankings on Google or Bing, drawing more traffic to your site and help spread the word a little more. We use the latest technologies and proven methods to create cost effective solutions that maximizes your return on investment.

Interactive Web Maps

We can create highly interactive, fast and scalable web maps using Bing, Google or by using specialized GIS software from ESRI, MapInfo and other vendors. Display your vanpools, carpools or the location of your next event. Have your customers search for their closest vanpool location - the possibilities are endless.

GIS Consulting

If you or your team is using advanced GIS software or techniques in promoting your objective, but want to take it to the next level? We can work with your team in designing and or implementing your next system.