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Hive Technology


A pioneer in Single Identification Technology - Hive One ID

There are a host of options when it comes to technology that addresses the Internet of Things. In fact, the global market is flooded with vendors offering multiple options such as RFID, NFC, Beacons etc. Yet there are a few missing pieces that prevent a seamless Internet of Everything (IoE) from coming together.

The IoT space is currently application based, which means that there are multiple technologies that need to be maintained and integrated to get objects to communicate. Objects are required to communicate for many reasons, and the data generated is often hidden in silos that are owned by different entities. There are many applications within the IoT’s that have trouble communicating with each other. There also hasn’t – until recently - been a way of assigning a Unique ID to anything regardless of whether it’s a person, object or animal.

One of the most important but missing elements in the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm is a Single Identification Technology. It is crucial that it uses the same identification technology for people and objects, identity is sensed, and rule-based actions are then automatically triggered. Such a technology can be used for everything, which means it gives objects and people a way to communicate seamlessly.

Hive Technology can help..

Hive Technology has stepped in to bridge this gap. The development that underpins the Hive products started 35 years ago with the inventor's vision of what we call the "Internet of Things" today. Hive Technology’s products are the fifth generation products based on various inventions over the last 35 years including several of the world's first inventions developed by the South African inventor Terry Ashwin who has been designing products in this domain since 1978.

Hive Technology’s main objective is to provide a totally secure wireless technology that enables single identification across various aspects of governments’, businesses’ and people’s lives and used applications.

Hive Technology’s “Hive ONE ID’ is the world’s only single identification technology that can provide every person on the planet with one unique identity across multiple applications in the public and private sector such as; national identification, banking and loyalty, healthcare, hospitality, home and office automation and more. Creating an integrated keyless and cardless smart society. Ensuring seamless integration of various technologies into an integrated smart solutions environment, ideally suited for National and Local Government Initiatives.